Bike Seat Bags In 2023

In this article, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about bike seat bags, we’ll not only tell you what the most popular bike seat bags look like, but we’ll also tell you how you should choose the right one for your needs, so let’s get straight to the point.

1. What Is A Bike Seat Bag?

A bike seat bag is a bag specifically designed to fit under the seat of a bicycle. It was created for a simple reason: the bicycle is an extremely minimalist form of transportation, with no space to carry anything on its own. A bike seat bag is almost a must-have for riders who want to carry their belongings while riding. Unlike a backpack, a bike seat bag is a much easier and freer way to carry a load.

What is a bike seat bag?

Throughout the long history of the bike industry, bike seat bags have also evolved in different shapes, capacities and functions to suit more needs and user preferences.

2. Main Types Of Bike Seat Bag

Bike seat bags are generally considered to be of two main types. They are made for two completely different needs. Read this section and you’ll see how they differ.

2.1 Small Type

Small bike seat bags are available for all models and are highly compatible because of their small size and easy installation. You will easily see it on mountain bikes, road bikes, gravel bikes, and even folding bikes.

Small bike seat bags are primarily designed to carry a small number of carry-on items, so if that’s the only bag you have on your bike, then you’ll need to trade it off carefully. Typically, this small bag will be used to carry emergency supplies such as inner tubes, small air bottles and tire pry bars. Small bike seat bags may be designed with a mount at the end to mount your bike’s taillight on for safer night riding.

2.2 Large Type

Large type of bike seat bag

Large bike seat bags far exceed smaller models in capacity. This is understandable, after all, these large bike seat bags are meant to carry more items. However, limited by such a large size, it’s usually only suitable for long-distance riding oriented mountain bikes, endurance road bikes, gravel bikes, and so on. If you are a folding bike user or an aerodynamic road bike user then this bike seat bag is not for you.

Large bike seat bags can carry more items. But we need to remind you: we can load more items in it, but it is better not to load too heavy items. Because the mounting height of the seat bag is under the seat, which means a higher center of gravity, if the weight is too much, it will directly affect your confidence when controlling the bike and the safety of cornering. We recommend that you load items such as raincoats, inner tubes, and small parts in this type of bag.

3. Top 10 Bike Seat Bags In 2023

We’ve listed 10 of this year’s best-selling bike seat bags.

3.1 Thule Shield Bike Seat Bag

Thule Shield bike seat bag

This bike seat bag from Thule is only 0.7 liters, but it’s big enough for you to use it to hold one 27.5-inch inner tube, a multi-tool and a portable air bottle. Importantly it’s completely waterproof. The roll-top opening is one of its special features.

It is simple to install with regular velcro straps. It’s worth noting that the piece of strap used to attach the saddle is reflective, which provides extra security.

WeightPriceCapacityAttachment Method
141g$250.7LVelcro Straps

3.2 Silca Seat Roll Asymmetrico

Silca Seat Roll Asymmetrico

Silca boasts an extensive and illustrious history of pioneering innovations, and the Asymmetrico seat roll continues this legacy with brilliance. Among the many remarkable features, Silca stands out as the first company I’m aware of to introduce the Boa dial as a closure and mounting system for a saddle bag—an innovation that has captured my admiration. Thanks to this ingenious dial, installation, removal, and adjustment become effortless tasks.

Crafted from top-tier Cordura fabric, the Asymmetrico showcases a distinctive tool roll-style design, where the top flap boasts a greater width than the other two panels. This clever arrangement allows for maximum packing efficiency, ensuring no space goes to waste. Moreover, the bag incorporates an integrated padded guard, providing essential protection for your saddle rails against abrasion.

WeightPriceCapacityAttachment Method
85g$600.5LBOA dial

3.3 Deuter’s Bag 1 Saddle Bag

Deuter’s Bag 1 saddle bag

Presenting a 98g bag with a seemingly spacious 0.8l capacity, featuring sturdy top and bottom panels and collapsible sides that concertina. Its design creates an illusion of more significant space than expected. Impressively, it effortlessly accommodates a couple of tubes and all the standard cycling gear.

Meticulously crafted with a loop zip-pull, the bag showcases impeccable tidiness and attention to detail. Drawing from our experience with Deuter bags, we confidently anticipate its longevity, expecting it to withstand the test of time. The inclusion of Velcro straps ensures secure attachment to your seatpost and saddle, while thoughtful reflective details enhance visibility during low-light conditions.

WeightPriceCapacityAttachment Method
98g$280.8LVelcro Strap

3.4 Lezyne Caddy (Medium)

Lezyne Caddy (medium)

Weighing in at a mere 98g, the 0.5-litre Caddy gains an additional 42g with the saddle attachment. Unclipping the Caddy is a breeze, and despite its small size, it is replete with features. Notably, it sports an external multi-tool pocket, internal dividers, and a water-resistant zip, making it a versatile and functional companion.

Surprisingly, the Caddy offers ample space for the essentials, accommodating inner tubes, tools, and CO2 with ease. Its build quality is commendable, ensuring durability for long-lasting use. Moreover, the bag’s carry-and-go portability further enhances its appeal, providing a hassle-free experience for cyclists on the move.

WeightPriceCapacityAttachment Method

3.5 Specialized Road Bandit

Specialized Road Bandit

Catering to weight-conscious and minimalist cyclists, the Specialized Road Bandit emerges as an ideal choice. In the realm of bike seat “bags,” the Road Bandit stands out as one of the most minimalistic options I’ve had the opportunity to test. Its design focuses solely on accommodating the bare essentials, including a CO2 valve head, road tube, a two-sided tire lever (which comes included), and a 16-gram CO2 cartridge.

Due to its open design, it is not waterproof, but it does have the obvious advantage of being extremely lightweight.

WeightPriceCapacityAttachment Method
Unknown$18UnknownStraps and Buckle

3.6 Ortlieb Micro Two

Ortlieb Micro Two

In contrast to the other packs under consideration, this particular one boasts a distinctive mounting bracket that securely attaches to your saddle. Moreover, spare brackets are readily available for added convenience. With a capacity of 0.8 liters, the pack accommodates a wide inner tube and various other essentials, making it a practical choice for riders. However, it is worth noting that the end opening design may pose a slight challenge when accessing items.

On the flip side, the roll-top design featuring elastic drawstrings serves as a remarkable advantage, ensuring the contents remain impeccably dry regardless of weather conditions. The ease of clipping and unclipping further enhances the overall user experience, streamlining usage during rides. Additionally, the presence of a large rear reflective patch contributes to enhanced visibility and safety during low-light situations.

WeightPriceCapacityAttachment Method

3.7 Evoc Seat Pack Boa Medium

EVOC’s Seat Pack Boa offers a versatile and adaptable storage solution, catering to both road rides and commutes while expanding to a capacity of 2 liters for light-duty bikepacking needs. This well-designed bag showcases a Boa system that efficiently cinches the pack tightly to the seatpost, ensuring a secure and stable attachment. Additionally, the rolltop closure mechanism allows for easy size adjustments, accommodating various load sizes with ease.

Crafted from waterproof fabric, the Seat Pack Boa provides a protective barrier, safeguarding your packed items from the elements and ensuring they remain safe and dry throughout your journey. However, it is worth mentioning that under full load conditions, a minor amount of sway was observed in the bag.

WeightPriceCapacityAttachment Method
Unknown$1052LStraps and Buckle

3.8 Topeak Aero Wedge (Small)

Topeak Aero Wedge (small)

The Wedge is available in three distinct sizes, offering both clip-on and buckle fittings to suit various preferences. Our small 98g buckle-on bag boasts a commendable 0.66-litre capacity and is expertly crafted from durable Cordura, featuring a Teflon coating for added resilience. While the bag’s construction proves sturdy and capable of accommodating two tubes, a multi-tool, and additional essentials, we must note that the absence of reflective details on the sides, apart from the rear, is the only drawback in an otherwise commendable design.

With its tough Cordura construction and Teflon coating, the bag ensures durability and protection for your gear. Though the lack of reflective details on the sides is a minor limitation, the overall performance and ample storage capacity make it a reliable companion for cyclists seeking a dependable saddle bag for their rides.

WeightPriceCapacityAttachment Method
98g$200.66LStraps and Buckle

3.9 Campagnolo Ekar Cluster 7 Gravel Bag

Campagnolo Ekar Cluster 7 Gravel Bag

Campagnolo introduces the Ekar Cluster 7 Gravel Bag, an impeccably designed and lightweight pack that snugly fits beneath the saddle. Meticulously crafted, the bag showcases a blend of nylon and polyester ripstop fabric, boasting a waterproof internal polyurethane resin coating. This thoughtful construction ensures excellent protection against water ingress, safeguarding the contents within.

WeightPriceCapacityAttachment Method
262g$1607LStraps and Buckle

3.10 Brooks Scape Seat Bag

Brooks Scape Seat Bag

The Brooks Scape seat bag is thoughtfully designed to offer a capacious capacity, making it suitable even for overnight stops. However, it is essential to note that the use of premium materials and larger size does contribute to its overall weight.

The bag’s standout feature is its spacious clamshell polyester holster, which comes with a reinforced, hardwearing top and base, ensuring durability and resilience. Moreover, the presence of a drain hole adds a practical touch, allowing for efficient water drainage.

The saddle rail straps, made from webbing and equipped with cam-lock buckles, are securely riveted to Hypalon wings. Additionally, two Hypalon Velcro straps are strategically positioned to grip the seatpost, ensuring a stable and reliable attachment.

WeightPriceCapacityAttachment Method
532g$16010LStraps and Buckle

Henron Bag has worked with many bike bag products and we are familiar with the needs and various details of the products. If you need a large quantity of custom manufactured bike seat bags, please contact us.

4. How To Choose A Bike Seat Bag?

There is a wide range of bike seat bags on the market, and we need to carefully consider our actual needs before making a purchase. We have listed some of the elements that must be considered.

4.1 Requirements For Loading Items

Not all riders need large bike seat bags. Many times, riders are simply commuting through the city or doing a ride within 50KM on the outskirts of town. They usually don’t need to carry a lot of stuff with them. In fact, they only need to carry items like a cell phone, a small amount of cash, an inner tube and a portable pump.

Requirements for loading items

When you need to carry a lot of items, it’s a different story. You must be on a long ride, or bikepacking. In this case, a large bike seat bag becomes one of your must-haves.

4.2 Types Of Bicycles

As mentioned above, folding bikes are not suitable for fitting large bike seat bags, whereas other types of bikes do not have this problem.

One detail to keep in mind is that if your saddle height is too low (the distance between the saddle and the rear wheel is too close), then the large bike seat bag may rub against the spinning rear wheel.

4.3 Size

Different sizes correspond to different loading requirements. If you don’t have the need to ride long distances, you don’t need to prepare a large bike seat bag. In the market, most of the bike seat bags are small in size and their purpose is to be installed without affecting the overall aesthetics of the bike. Moreover, aerodynamic effects are very important for bike riding and small bike seat bags do not slow you down.

bike saddle bag size

4.4 Budget

Large bike seat bags are usually more expensive than small bike seat bags, especially good quality large seat bags. Although there are also very expensive models of small bike seat bags depending on whether your budget is sufficient. If you’re on a budget, try to go for a professional cycling brand such as Bontrager, or if you’re on a tight budget, go for a model made in China, which is also very sturdy and durable.

4.5 Fabrics

A good bike seat bag won’t be made of just one fabric. The process of stitching multiple fabrics together is very common in bike seat bag products. Abrasion-resistant fabrics can be used on the top (i.e., near the bottom of the seat) and sides of the seat bag to avoid damage after an accidental fall.

Waterproof fabrics

The bottom of the bike seat bag, on the other hand, needs to be made of water-resistant fabric with a hard EVA shell embedded. The significance of this design is to prevent mud and water thrown out by the rear wheel from intruding into the interior of the bag, while the EVA hard shell ensures that the bag retains its shape even when loaded with heavier items. Of course, the EVA shell itself is also waterproof.

4.6 Color

Unlike regular bag products, bike seat bags are usually used in bad scenarios, most of the time facing dirt or mud thrown up by the rear wheel. As a result, you will hardly see white or light colored bike seat bags in daily life. Most of the best-selling bike seat bags are dark colors such as black, gray, and silver. These colors are more resistant to dirt and don’t affect the appearance even if some of the stubborn dirt can’t be removed.

5. Packing List For Bike Seat Bags

We’ve put together a bike seat bag packing list of 3 levels for you. If you’re getting ready for a ride, this might help with your preparations.

Packing items (elementary)Inner tubes, tire levers, portable air cartridges.
Packing items (mid level)Inner tubes, tire levers, portable air cartridges, Multi-tool, headlights, taillights, arm warmers, leg warmers.
Packing items (advanced)Inner tubes, tire levers, portable air cartridges, Multi-tool, headlights, taillights, arm warmers, leg warmers, power bank, electrolyte instant powder, cash, cycling rain jacket, elastic straps, sunscreen, energy gel.

6. FAQs

Here are some common questions and answers for you to consider.

6.1 Are Bike Seat Bags Safe And Secure?

Yes. Bike seat bags can be fitted with anti-theft locks on the zippers. Its bag fabric is also so tear-resistant that ordinary scissors can’t damage it.

In addition, the rear part of the bike seat bag will be labeled with some reflective materials, which will reflect the light when riding at night and improve safety.

6.2 How Do I Wash A Bike Seat Bag?

We prefer that you hand wash your bike seat bag. Because machine washing may damage the fasteners and velcro on the bag.

Cleaning method: Use a shoe brush to scrub the body of the bag. Or use a wet wipe to wipe down the body of the bag.

6.3 Can The Bike Seat Bag Be Mounted On Other Parts?

No. Bicycle seat bags are specifically designed to provide storage under a bicycle seat and should not be mounted elsewhere of the frame, as this may cause the bag to become accidentally entangled in the wheel during a ride, which could be dangerous.

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